Women’s Health Exercise Programmes

       My Fit Physio provides online postnatal exercise programmes that emphasise pelvic floor strength. The programmes are based on many years of physiotherapy expertise treating women’s health conditions and teaching Pilates classes to pregnant and postnatal individuals and groups.  These video-based programmes will prevent and treat women’s health issues such as pelvic floor dysfunction, prolapse, diastasis recti, low back pain, pelvic girdle dysfunction, poor posture, sports injuries and more.  They can be done in the comfort of your own home and they can be done any time.

  My Fit Physio

I created My Fit Physio after years of working as a Chartered Physiotherapist in a maternity hospital and in private practice where i treated  women’s health issues that presented before, during and after ( even years after) pregnancy. I have been prescribing womens health exercise programmes for years to treat individual muscle issues and then to build up the whole body to support recovery and return to normal function.

In My Fit Physio women’s health exercise programmes I have created a clinical environment where I use the language I use during my assessments and treatments. You will feel supervised and informed throughout every level of exercise. I will instruct you from a gentle level of exercise where we focus on pelvic floor activation, breathing, activation of your deep core muscles and mobility and will help you to progress confidently and progressively to higher levels of strengthening. Along the way you will identify your areas of strength and weakness and you will know how to make decisions e.g returning to sport, checking in with your own physiotherapist, doctors and other healthcare providers.

Some of my programmes will tackle all potential pregnancy-related issues e.g My Fit 0-6 weeks postnatal and MyFit Postnatal. Others are specific to one presenting issue such as Diastasis Recti Abdominis and Pelvic Organ Prolapse. All programmes have some overlap and all will encourage full recovery. You may need the support of your own women’s health physiotherapist along the way if your require an individual assessment to get started, or if you feel that you are not improving with exercise alone.
These womens health exercise programmes can be followed any time in your postnatal life.


How it Works

Each programme contains over 20 videos of Pilates-based exercise classes that  provide education, advice as well as technique instruction through increasing levels of intensity. 

Each programme contains carefully chosen exercises based on the available research and on my experience. These include instructing you to do your own tummy check, teaching correct pelvic floor activation, managing symptoms through lifestyle management, guiding you through different levels of exercise and preparing you for return to high intensity exercise. By choosing one programme over the other you will still be following a structured programme but you will be hearing language and advice specific to your particular issue or with the goal of preventing issues in the future.

When you purchase a programme you will own it so you can work around the demands of your family or work life to achieve your goals.

The videos range from 5 minutes to 45 minutes in duration so you can pace yourself based on the time you have to exercise that day and week. Your goals can be realistic and achievable to suit your needs.

MyFit Physio videos are suitable for perimenopausal and menopausal women for treatment of conditions or for a general strength and conditioning approach to the hormonal and life changes that menopause can bring.


These programmes are for you if:

  • You would like to build up your core safely after having a baby (recently or years previously), under the supervision of a Women’s Health expert.
  • You think you have Diastasis Recti or Prolapse and you don’t know where to begin to exercise.
  • You are experiencing leaking of urine/faeces/wind.
  • You are experiencing pressure in your vagina which is worse at the end of the day or after you exercise.
  • You have pelvic girdle pain weeks and months after your baby was born.
  • Your physiotherapist or doctor has recommended that you start core or Pilates exercises.

See MyFitPhysio Programmes

Are you looking for a programme that will bring you gradually and safely, level by level, to where you feel strong, recovered and prepared to take on the demands of your usual exercises as well as the demands of raising your family?

Check out my programmes. You might find what you are looking for!